Crazy Cash payouts for Funko Pop Collections Right NOW!!!

Champion City is looking for large Funko Pop Collections leading into the holiday season. We have experience in buying large collections and we are willing to do the work to make you a educated offer regarding your prized possessions. The highest payouts in the market are now leading into Christmas. We would love the opportunity to make a deal with you and pay cash!!! Feel free to stop by the store, give a call, send us a message or a email. Look forward to being of service!

1051 N Bechtle Ave Springfield Ohio 45504
Instagram: Champcitygames
Snapchat: Champcitygames
Facebook: Champion City Video Games
(937) – 505-1121 

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Thank You for showing your interest in Champion City Video Games. We are a brick and mortar retail store located in Springfield Ohio. We specialize in everything from the newest generation of gaming to the classic retro consoles. We will be continuing to develop and grow our site with more information and details very soon. In the mean time, please give us a call or stop by the store!

1051 N Bechtle Ave Sprignfeild Ohio 45504